Ho Chi Minh City listens to EU businesses

Ho Chi Minh City leaders met with EU businesses on July 28 to hear their ideas on addressing the difficulties they face in doing business in the city.


Eighty percent of members of the European Chamber of Commerce have invested in Ho Chi Minh City and all agree it has created an open, competitive and attractive environment for doing so. Once the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement comes into being, there will be even more European companies investing in Vietnam and in Ho Chi Minh City in particular.

Certain difficulties remain, investors told city leaders, especially regarding administrative reform and human resources.

City leaders provided guidance to the European businesses on removing difficulties and improving the business climate. They also pledged to create the conditions necessary for mutual development.

The city is also planning to help European experts and workers come to Vietnam and will arrange a hotel for them to be quarantined in during the COVID-19 pandemic./.