Ho Chi Minh City Export Companies Resume Operations As Covid-19 Impact Recedes

Export companies in Ho Chi Minh City are recovering well following the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions as workers from other provinces gradually return to work.


According to the HCM City Export Processing Zone and Industrial Park Authority, nearly 216,000 out of 288,000 workers at industrial parks and export processing zones have returned to work, and many of the companies are operating at 95% capacity.

Companies in labor-intensive sectors such as textile, garment, and footwear are now essentially back to normal.

In order to expedite the operations of export companies, government financial support and streamlined procedures are necessary.

The HCM City Department of Industry and Trade has announced that it will be providing a credit support package worth 70 trillion VND (over $3 billion USD) this year to assist businesses in accessing preferential loans and resuming production.

In line with this trend, the HCM City branch of the State Bank of Vietnam has confirmed that banks will be offering credit to businesses at favorable interest rates this quarter.