Hanoi to conduct PCR test on 1.3 million people for COVID-19

The capital city of Hanoi is racing against time to conduct mass COVID-19 testing for high-risk people in an effort to soon stamp out the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak and return to the “new normal.”



The targeted population will be classified into three groups based on risk levels, with red representing those with the highest level of risk of infection, followed by orange as those at-risk, and green as low-risk people.

Hanoi will test all people of the “red group”, those with suspected symptoms of COVID-19 and a selected number of “orange” group people who work in highly exposed sectors.

The city also plans to carry out 2 million rapid tests for screening purposes.

Hanoi has reported a total of 1,943 coronavirus cases since the fourth COVID-19 wave started in late April./.