Ha Nam Establishing Centralised Aquaculture Zones

The northern province of Ha Nam has achieved positive results over the course of four years of implementing a project on developing centralised aquacultural production areas during 2017-2020, developing a new model of an aquacultural cooperative with high economic efficiency.


Ha Nam province has successfully established nine aquaculture cooperatives spanning nearly 110 hectares. These cooperatives provide essential resources like feed, seedlings, and market access to farmers, resulting in a 10 percent decrease in feed costs and an increase in productivity to around 10 tons per hectare.

The establishment of cooperatives aligned with aquaculture production has significantly boosted productivity. However, there are still some challenges that impede the growth of this model, such as the limited availability of land.

Although there is collaboration among cooperatives, production chains are not yet fully optimized, with most cooperatives only selling raw and unprocessed products. Consequently, the added value remains relatively modest.

Ha Nam province is actively implementing solutions to expand the area of intensive aquaculture zones to 500 hectares by 2025, aiming for a productivity of over 10 tons per hectare.