Goods demand for Tet up due to domestic confidence on economic recovery

The purchasing power in the domestic market is expected to increase by between 15-20 percent from now until the 2021 Tet (Lunar New Year), with food products seeing the strongest rise.


Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT)’s Domestic Market Department reported that the higher purchasing power is due to consumer confidence in macro-economic stability, along with increasing income of people at the end of the year.

Therefore, enterprises have plans to prepare enough supply of goods and consumption stimulus programmes to meet people’s needs.

Those plans would not cause a great change in selling prices, according to the ministry.

Meanwhile, at local markets, the prices of fresh food items will regularly fluctuate in the days approaching Tet due to strong increase in food demand. However, growth rate of the prices may be curbed partly because of stable prices at supermarkets and commercial centres and points selling stabilised-priced goods in localities./.