FTA – Driving force for growth in 2021

With a number of free trade agreements now signed, Vietnam finds itself in its strongest-ever position on the international trade map. Its proactive participation in agreements and the demonstration of its leading role in the region and the world have changed the country’s position and profile, with economic experts emphasising that its FTAs will be a driving force for growth this year and beyond.


Despite the sharp decline in world trade due to COVID-19, Vietnam posted the world’s highest export turnover growth last year. With solid foundations, 2021 is sure to witness continued development, including in international trade.

Vietnam has not only enhanced the competitiveness of its economy, international trade, enterprises, and brands, but has also created strong trade links in the region and the world.

The results can be attributed to Vietnam’s utilisation of signed FTAs and the resilience and adaptation of its business sector to participate in production and business, even when there are strong fluctuations in raw materials.

In 2021 and the years to come, Vietnam will benefit further from the country’s integration strategy and opportunities from trade agreements signed and under negotiation. It is still too early to talk about specific figures, but Vietnam has built up development scenarios in which the general growth trend is maintained./.