Free drinking water given to cancer patients

In parallel with improving the quality of medical check-up and treatment, the Chợ Rẫy Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City is striving to build a friendly and comfortable environment for the patients. The recent existing of drinking water carts has brought joys to the patients who are fighting cancer here.


This is an initiative of the Social Work Department, Chợ Rẫy Hospital to provide free drinking water for patients under cancer treatment here. Besides waters, the patients are also provided with face masks, snack and other necessity.

Each bottle of water or snack shared contains the sentiment and empathy of the doctors, helping them overcome the pains to fight the disease.

The cancer patients are facing numerous difficulties fighting for their lives every day, every hour. Besides the improvement of treatment quality, this model also encourages the patients, giving them a cosy atmosphere as if their second homes.

The free drinking water carts at the Cho Ray Hospital is among the initiatives the hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City are implementing to improve the treatment and service quality for the patients, especially in the complicated development of COVID-19 pandemic./.