Food shopping trends change due to social distancing

The way people buy food has changed after a period of social distancing amid the COVID-19 pandemic, with more food products bought online, according to online sellers.


A recent report from online shopping platform Shopee said that Vietnamese had become more comfortable with buying food and groceries online, including items usually bought offline.

E-commerce is making it more convenient for consumers to shop for food items.

Shopee Vietnam’s report found that food and grocery buying has become online-first as consumers view e-commerce as a one-stop channel for their needs. Sellers and brands are adapting quickly.

It said that people are doing a larger share of food shopping online, with a 3.5-time increase in users who buy food items several times a month on their platform.

Shopee said people are also buying a wider variety of food items online as they make lifestyles changes at different stages of social distancing and the pandemic.

The onset of social distancing has motivated people to ensure ready food supplies at home, with demand for cooking and baking supplies increasing by three times./.