Ethnic culture upheld through traditional craft

Van Ho district in Son La province is home to five ethnic groups: the H’Mong, Thai, Muong, Kinh, and Dao. It has been working to preserve their diverse and exotic cultures, including their traditional outfits.



83% of the population in Long Luong commune, Van Ho district in the mountainous province of Son La belongs to the H’Mong ethnic group. As they wear their traditional outfits in daily life, each household has a sewing machine.

As community tourism has become popular in Van Ho district, making traditional clothing is not only for personal use but also a cool experience for visitors. Some buy the clothes as souvenirs, while others just rent them to take photos.

Upholding the traditional crafts of ethnic minority communities in Van Ho district not only contributes to preserving and promoting their cultural traits but also opens up opportunities for tourism development./.