An Aging Hanoian Honours Uncle Ho with Memorial Home

Like millions of other Vietnamese, Hanoi farmer Tran Van Cao has sincere affection for the late President Ho Chi Minh and over the last three decades has collected hundreds of photos, poems, and articles about the Vietnamese hero.


Tran Van Cao’s commemorative house showcases over 300 photos capturing Ho Chi Minh’s journey in liberating the country and fostering socialism. The photos are thoughtfully arranged into different themes, forming a cohesive narrative. When visitors enter the house, the elderly farmer assumes the role of a storyteller, sharing passionately about significant milestones and the stories behind the displayed photos. In addition to his collection of photos, Tran Van Cao is also known for his poetry and songs praising the Party, President Ho Chi Minh, and the Vietnamese revolution. Since its inauguration in January, the commemorative house has attracted thousands of domestic and international visitors, serving as a testament to Tran Van Cao’s lifelong devotion to President Ho Chi Minh./.