Efforts needed for Vietnam’s cycling cities

Cycling is a great way to stay active and cut your carbon footprint. Many cities around the world are encouraging the broader use of this green mode of transport. In Vietnam, efforts to promote cycling and build bicycle cities are now being considered.


In 2018, the United Nations declared June 3 as World Bicycle Day. A year later, Cycling Week was launched in Vietnam by Architect Le Viet Ha and his colleagues at Ashui.com, an architectural forum.

In 2020, during Cycling Week, a workshop entitled “Hue, the Cycling City” was held to promote the building of Hue into a “Cycling City”.

In addition to Hoi An, localities such as Hue and Ho Chi Minh City are keen on building a roadmap for campaigns to change people’s travel habits and encourage them to use bicycles. But many difficulties are still to be resolved.

There are still many difficulties on the journey to building bicycle-friendly cities in Vietnam and promoting cycling given the inadequacies in local infrastructure. But with major efforts being made towards sustainable development, the use of bicycles is becoming a priority./.