Efforts made to keep Ly Son Island safe from Covid-19

While COVID-19 remains a complex issue in Quang Ngai province, with many cases detected in the community, the province’s Ly Son Island is yet to record any infections. The island district is therefore doing its best to stay safe as the pandemic rages on the mainland.


Ly Son Island has over 500 fishing vessels, with the majority of fishing being done on the Hoang Sa-Truong Sa fishing grounds.

Now is the peak of the fishing season, and many fishing boats are returning to their localities after long days at sea. To control and prevent Covid-19 from spreading on the island, fishermen anchored offshore are being traced and tested.

Ly Son Island is considered a “green zone”, as no Covid-19 cases have been detected as yet, and it is in a good position to remain pandemic-free.

But local fishermen out at sea may have contact with others from outside of the locality, while people returning from pandemic-hit areas increase the risk of the disease being spread on the island.

In addition to Border Guard checkpoints, community-based Covid-19 prevention teams also play an important role in pandemic prevention and control.

Ly Son Island has tightened its isolation regulations, with people outside of the locality not being allowed to return, except in essential cases.

Ly Son is one of only a few “green zones” in Quang Ngai province. The tightening of pandemic prevention measures at this time is very important, contributing to protecting the island from the disease./.