Dong Nai province boosts agriculture restructuring

Dong Nai province has been tasked in recent years with building new-style rural areas associated with the restructuring and linking of agricultural production. This has helped the southern province post a breakthrough in agriculture, with incomes improving as a result.


Under its agricultural restructuring plan, the southern province of Dong Nai has developed a biosafety production model associated with product consumption and building a concentrated agricultural production area.

In previous years, cocoa growers in Dong Nai province had faced a situation whereby they may have a good harvest but their crops are still devalued. Farmers then began to link with businesses to sell their crops.

In 2019, Dong Nai was one of the first two provinces to be recognised as reaching new-style rural area standards, under a decision from the Prime Minister.

To do so, Dong Nai had introduced many policies to develop production and increase incomes, and created production chains to ensured stable consumption. Annual per capita income in the province’s rural areas now stands at nearly 62 million VND, nearly three times higher than in 2011.

Dong Nai is set to have all communes and five districts to be recognised as reaching new-style rural area standards by 2025./.