Exploring Hanoi Through a 3D Pop-up Book

“Hanoi: Reminiscences of Thousand Years”, the first of a series of 3D books about Hanoi not only provide useful information but also new and vivid visual experiences of landmarks of the capital. The bi-lingual book is a new work of the Kim Dong Publishing House.


Hoan Kiem Lake, the Temple of Literature, and the Old Quarter are three out of eleven renowned landmarks in Hanoi featured in the book “Hanoi: Reminiscences of Thousand Years,” published by Kim Dong Publishing House in collaboration with the Cloud Pillow Studio team.

What makes this book special is that each page depicts a Hanoi landmark, brought to life through captivating 3D design and unique artwork.

Created by the talented artists of the Cloud Pillow Studio Group and painter Nguyen Khanh Linh from Hanoi University of Industrial Fine Arts, who took charge of 3D design, sketching, and watercoloring, this book showcases Hanoi through the eyes of young individuals who were born and raised in the city. Instead of portraying Hanoi as an ancient land, the book presents it as a vibrant, youthful, and dynamic capital with a modern charm.

In Vietnam, pop-up books are still a novelty despite being beloved by local readers. The creation of such books requires close collaboration between writers and artists, as well as meticulous attention to printing and production quality.

“Hanoi: Reminiscences of Thousand Years” is a source of pride for Kim Dong Publishing House, as it represents an exceptional collaboration between writers and young artists, aiming to showcase the beauty and history of the capital to both domestic and international readers.