Dedicated health workers on offshore islands

The role of grassroots-level physicians and healthcare workers is important for everyone, especially those going out to sea on fishing trips or living on islands without specialised hospitals. Join us in the following to learn more about the work of doctors and nurses on Vietnam’s islands.


Nguyen Xuan Truong is a member of Naval Squadron 129 under the Saigon Newport Corporation, a unit of the Vietnamese Naval Force. He became sick during a trip offshore not long ago, forcing his ship to dock on Nam Yet Island. He received treatment from local physicians and is now much better.

Health clinics on islands have received ongoing attention from the Party, the State, and the military in recent years, and been equipped with modern medical equipment to improve health examinations and treatment.

Given the complex developments of COVID-19, physicians and healthcare workers on islands are serious about pandemic prevention and control efforts, to protect local people and soldiers.

The government is still striving to improve the quality of healthcare on islands so that soldiers, fishermen, and residents have peace of mind as they contribute to protecting Vietnam’s national sovereignty over its seas and islands./.