Da Nang health workers assisting colleagues in pandemic hotspot

A group of medical workers from Da Nang left the central city on May 31 to head north and support colleagues in Bac Giang province in their struggle against the COVID-19 outbreak.


Before embarking on their journey to the pandemic hotspot of Bac Giang province on May 31 to treat severe COVID-19 cases, the 10 medical workers from Da Nang Hospital were trained carefully. They count among health workers with the most experience, from dealing with COVID-19 during previous outbreaks.

Bearing in mind the sacred mission of frontline soldiers in the fight against COVID-19, the medical workers have put aside personal matters to focus on supporting their comrades in the pandemic hotspot.

Having been hit by all three previous COVID-19 outbreaks, the “white-coat soldiers” from Da Nang city fully understand the unrelenting pressure involved. The doctors and nurses from Da Nang are determined to help their peers in Bac Giang win the battle against the pandemic./.