Credit growth limits extended

The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) has extended the credit growth limits for the second time this year to some commercial banks, of which the highest level is up to 30 percent.


Leading banks including four State-owned commercial banks, also introduced a loan package for production and business, supporting small and medium enterprises with preferential interest rates to boost credit growth at the end of the year.

The lending interest rate ranges from 4.8-6.5 percent per year for loans less than six months and 5.5-7.5 percent per year for loans from six to 12 months.

Deposit interest rate is also stable at 2.5-3.8 percent per year for tenors of less than six months, 3.7-5 percent per year for six to less than 12 months, 4.9-5.8 per cent per year for 12-13 months.

Credit growth was more positive in the last quarter of the year, but commercial banks’ liquidity is still abundant, interbank interest rates and deposit interest rates will move sideways in the next few months./.