Changes in revolutionary homeland

The second National Party Congress was held in Kim Binh commune, Chiem Hoa district, in Tuyen Quang province in February 1951 - the first and only Congress to be organised outside of Hanoi. Local authorities and people have united over recent years to ensure economic development, creating a new face for the revolutionary homeland.



With a position of strategic importance, Kim Binh was chosen as the venue for the second National Party Congress in February 1951.

The congress was an event of great significance, marking a new step forward by the Party and preparing the conditions necessary to conduct a successful resistance war against French colonialists.

Ho Chi Minh was elected President of the Party while Truong Chinh was re-elected Party General Secretary.

Promoting its tradition as a resistance capital, the people of Kim Binh always work together to develop the local economy and reduce poverty.

In 2015, it was one of the first communes in the province to meet the criteria for building a new-style rural area.

Kim Binh commune has more than 455 hectares of fruit trees. Livestock and poultry farming are developing in a stable manner. Average annual per capita income stands at over 36 million VND.

Looking towards the 13th National Party Congress, the people of Kim Binh are absolutely confident in the leadership of the Party and work together to build their homeland and fulfil objectives set./.