Border control strengthened amid COVID 19

Amid the complicated developments of Covid-19, border guards are making great efforts to control the country’s border area in order to prevent the disease from spreading in Vietnam.



Every two hours, border guards of Muong Khuong border post in the northern mountainous province of Lao Cai patrol areas bordering China to prevent people and vehicles from crossing the border illegally.

Due to difficult terrain, patrol activities, especially during night time face many difficulties. It’s getting even harder as all the soldiers’ daily have to carry out in the deep forest.

Sleeping and eating in the forests are no longer unfamiliar things with soldiers in border posts. However to students of the Border Defence Force Academy who are here to help strengthen Covid-19 prevention work, this is a new and special experience.

Along Vietnam-China border, where there are trails, shared paths, border guards are always present.

After more than a month stationing in forest, border guards have determined to stay and safeguard the border, contributing to preventing and combating the virus from entering the country from the front line./.