Ban flowers blooming under northwestern skies

March is a nice time of year to visit Vietnam’s northwest, when the beautiful Ban (Bauhinia) flower season peaks, painting the region white.


The northern mountainous province of Dien Bien is now fully immersed in the pure white of Ban flowers.

A symbol of love between a girl named Ban and a boy named Khum in an ancient Thái ethnic minority legend, the flower signals the arrival of spring in Dien Bien with its pure white petals and gentle, sweet aroma.

Many local boys and girls take the opportunity to capture a special moment of their youth during the bloom.

Ban flowers normally bloom in mid-February and show off their best in March.

2021 was the second year the Ban Flower Festival has been cancelled due to COVID-19, but the ubiquitous sight of Ban flowers still provides a romantic and tranquil atmosphere to Dien Bien province./.