Artisans dedicated to preserving Gongs

The Cor ethnic minority primarily reside in Vietnam’s central region, and their Gongs have been a valuable cultural heritage for many generations. Their longevity is largely attributable to local artisans, who dedicate their whole lives to preservation efforts.


Artisan Ho Van Bien in Tra Bong district, Quang Ngai province and his friends have opened classes teaching Gong playing as well as folk singing and dancing, which have attracted hundreds of participants. Apart from the classes, he even knocks on doors to teach the younger generation about Gongs.

His classes have something for everyone: Gong playing for Cor ethnic minority men and folk dancing and singing for women. Xa Ru and A Gioi songs are very popular and traditional rhythms of the Cor people.

Artisans such as Ho Van Bien are a source of inspiration for young Cor people to continue upholding their Gong culture, a valuable heritage that has been preserved well by previous generations./.