Becoming an expat has never been a piece of cake. I have talked to people who expressed their interest in moving overseas to experience a different lifestyle. However, they didn’t visualize what they could run into without proper preparation for the trip. Therefore, you should look at these five concerns that everyone has to consider carefully before moving to a different country.

There’s no “home-like” experience in another country

There’s a lot of people that I’ve seen travel to a different country but still expect to receive a home-like experience at where they disembark. It’s an unrealistic expectation.

That similar vibe that you look forward to seeing may occur when you live in another country within the region. Nevertheless, the chance for it is unlikely to be seen. Even when you travel to a different area in the same region, things will likely disappoint you.

Therefore, don’t set your expectations too high when you move overseas. You have to keep in mind that everything will never be your way. So, you have to accept it.

There’s no better job opportunity in another country

When you travel to another country, it takes the same thing to have a better job opportunity. You must have the certificate, diploma, and experience to get to where you want. But not only that, there are more barriers than you can imagine when working in a different country.

Some countries may have specific requirements so that you can come and work. To qualify, you will have to spend more money on courses to get the certificate. Also, the cultural fence between you and the locals is another big challenge. That may seem like nothing important. But, it does affect your career growth. When working in a different country, strong support from a local companion is always on the top list of what you need to succeed in another country.

I’m not saying that it’s impossible. But you need to do your research carefully before making a decision.

There’s no benefit as you expect in another country

Expecting to receive the same benefits in another country as you did in your home country is a huge misconception. When traveling to another country, you have to realize that things will never be satisfying as I mentioned earlier. Therefore, you may receive better benefits in some aspects but not all. The opposite may happen as well.

Therefore, if you look forward to receiving certain benefits, you must find the right preferences. It certainly takes a lot of time to do it. However, it’s always a reward to consume such knowledge beyond your education. Researching the benefits of different countries can also teach you many things about the functions and the details of cultures.

You expect too much enjoyment when living in another country

I’ve seen people who are very subjective about living in a country that has a lower cost of living. It seems true if you’re making a lot of money. However, the income is usually equal to what the economy of that country can offer. Therefore, it’s still the same compared to what you have in your home country.

People take a stroll along Bui Vien Street in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, May 9, 2020. Photo: Ngoc Hien / Tuoi Tre

As a foreigner living in Vietnam like myself, I still have to save up and spend my money wisely. I do go to parties sometimes. However, the frequency is still acceptable.

Therefore, don’t overspend your money even when you’re living in a developing country.

You’re not used to being independent when living in another country

Being lonely is the worst nightmare for a lot of people. If you’re one of the people who are not a fan of “being on my own”, moving overseas is probably not a good option.

When you live in a different country, you have to deal with lots of things all by yourself. It can be from the paperwork that permits you to stay in the country to the minor action that keeps you alive in a faraway land. Moreover, since the language barrier may keep you from making friends with the locals, you have to make friends with other foreigners. However, this usually depends on where you’re going. Some countries have a small community of ex-pats. Therefore, there won’t be much help you can count on.

I hope this article can help you visualize your expat journey in the future. If you want to learn from the 7 mistakes I made while living in Asia as an expat in terms of business opportunities, investment and settling for a long term, you can download my free book to avoid pitfalls, take proven shortcuts to make the right decisions to thrive in the next 5-10 years.