13th int’l scientific workshop on East Sea held in Hanoi

The Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam held the 13th international conference on the East Sea under the theme "Looking back to a brighter future" in Hanoi on November 18.


The event attracted the in-person participation of over 180 delegates and more than 400 others attended via videoconference. There are around 60 speakers at the event, who are experts in the field from 30 countries. 

In his remarks, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Pham Quang Hieu said with its location in the centre of the Indo-Pacific, any developments in the East Sea can easily become precedents for the region and other regions in the world.

The East Sea situation has still posed new concerns over the past year. Competition among major powers and new cooperation mechanisms in the region have posed new problems to the evolving regional architecture, especially ASEAN’s central role.

The two-day event will feature eight sessions with various topics such as the East Sea in the changing global context, consolidating legal order in the East Sea over the past five years, ASEAN and the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue in regional architecture, promoting diplomatic science for common benefits of oceans, and transparency via supervision technology, among others./.