Phu Dong Green Park, a large-scale ecological area, has significantly contributed to the status changing of Phu Dong from a rural commune (Gia Lam district, Hanoi) into an urban ward, associated with tourism development.

 Phu Dong Green Park, a large-scale ecological area, is applying for the recognition of the commune as a tourist site in 2021. Photo: Hoang Quyet

Phu Dong commune is home to many cultural and spiritual relics, especially the traditional Giong Festival which was recognized as a Vietnam’s national heritage and Phu Dong Temple worshiping Genie Giong – one of Vietnam’s Four Immortals. Local investors realized the potential for tourism development here and turned a fallow swamp into Phu Dong Green Park ecological area. 

Covering 15ha, Phu Dong Green Park is a unique experience tourist complex including amusement park, agricultural experience area, mangrove forest, rose and citrus gardens, hydroponic cultivation area, flower valley, koi fish pond, zoo, a garden planting more than 20 kinds of medicinal herbs, for tourists and children to exploit.

The new eco-tourism area has also contributed to creating jobs for hundreds of local people, promoting the consumption of One Commune, One Product items in the locality such as dairy products, flowers, Phu Dong bonsai.

So far, local authorities of Gia Lam district and Phu Dong commune have mobilized resources and effectively invest in infrastructure, especially road traffic system, development to increase connectivity as well improving the business environment, encouraging all economic sectors to develop together.

According to the plan of the district People’s Committee, in the 2021-25 period, Phu Dong commune will become a new-style rural area and fulfill criteria for becoming an urban ward associated with tourism development.

Under its plan by 2025, Phu Dong commune will earn the recognition of Phu Dong tourist site in 2021 and fulfill the new-style rural area criteria in the tourism field in 2022. By the end of 2023, the locality will convert 100% of the inefficient rice-growing area to growing flowers, ornamental plants and fruit trees cultivation; meeting basic standards to become an urban ward.


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