Competent authorities are required to continue strict entry control and quarantine regulations to deter community transission. Foreign investors, experts, skilled workers, business managers, officials, and Vietnamese students learing abroad are allowed to enter the nation but they must comply with the nation’s quarantine regulations.

The Government tasked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to ask Vietnamese citizens abroad to implement preventive measures recommended by the host countries and repatration of citizens will be carried in accordance with a proper and transparent roadmap.

The healthcare sector will continue maintaining fast-response teams to promtply handle emerging issues and continue speeding up development of COVID-19 vaccines and further improving treatment for COVID-19 patients.

The Government also assigned the Ministry of Health to design and put forward a new strategy for COVID-19 prevention and control in favor of health protection and sustainable economic growth.

In a bid to boost domestic tourism, the Government tasked the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to coordinate with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and relevant ministries and agencies to conduct necessary preparations for resumption of inbound tourism and propose the time and principles to gradually ease entry restrictions and to resume some of international air routes.

As of 6:10 am on Sunday, the National Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control confirmed 318 infection cases, including 260 recovered ones.

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The nation has gone 31 days without new community infection case of COVID-19, the national steering committee said./.

Reporting by Thuy Dung @ VGP


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