VITM Hanoi 2023 Sells Out 10,000 Tickets

The Vietnam International Travel Mart (VITM) Hanoi has emerged as one of the most prominent fairs in the tourism industry, providing a platform for tourism businesses and both domestic and international partners to network and explore potential collaborations.


Over 10,000 tours were sold out during the Vietnam International Tourism Mart (VITM) Hanoi 2023, which was held in Hanoi from April 13th to 16th. The event saw a huge success and provided a great opportunity for travelers to explore the vibrant culture of the city. Attendees had the chance to discover the beautiful landscapes and architecture of Hanoi, as well as sample some of the city’s delicious cuisine. Additionally, they were able to take part in various activities such as boat rides, sightseeing tours, and shopping trips. The event was a great success, with thousands of people attending and taking advantage of the wonderful experiences it offered.

According to the Vietnam Tourism Association (VITA), the organizer of the VITM Hanoi 2023, the event has attracted more than 3,000 Vietnamese and international tourism businesses from 51 provinces and cities nationwide, 15 countries and territories.

Cao Thi Ngoc Lan, the Vice President of VITA and the Deputy Head of the Standing Committee of the VITM Hanoi, recently declared that they have successfully hosted eighteen events that aimed to promote destinations. Moreover, these events have allowed for B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) meetings, thus providing an opportunity for domestic and international tourism businesses to collaborate and exchange ideas.

 Muong Thanh Group Joint Stock Company received the prize for the booth with the most impressive design. Photo courtesy of Muong Thanh

VITM Hanoi is a crucial tourism event that takes place in the capital city each year, making a significant contribution to the revival of inbound tourism and the advancement of domestic tourism activities,” Lan stated.

A survey conducted by VITA shows that VITM Hanoi 2023 was a huge success. With an impressive satisfaction rate of 97.8%, 25% of participants expressed that they were “very satisfied,” 72.5% said they were “satisfied,” and an impressively low 0.3% reported that they were “not satisfied.” Furthermore, 9% of participants rated the fair as exceeding expectations, 88% said it met their expectations, and only 2% said they did not accomplish anything.

The success of this year’s event has also resulted in more than 90% of businesses and organizations committing to participate in VITM next year. Additionally, the total revenue of the 10 biggest businesses reported was a staggering VND45 billion (US$1.6 million).

At the closing ceremony, the organizing board awarded medals to 33 units that actively contributed to the success of the mart. Specifically, 10 booths with the largest scale, nine booths with the most impressive design, and 12 booths organizing special activities to attract visitors were honored, alongside Vietnam Airlines – sponsor of transportation – and Hanoi Open University’s Tourism Faculty.

As one of the biggest booths at the event, the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) booth provided a range of fun activities for visitors. From trying on traditional hanbok costumes and picking up teddy bears, to enjoying traditional Korean cuisine, playing quizzes about Korean tourism and culture, and even making crafts, there was something for everyone. Moreover, visitors to the KTO booth could also get a free souvenir photo taken and printed.

 Visitors try the traditional Korean costume hanbok at the booth of KTO. Photo courtesy of KTO

On occasion, KTO has coordinated with leading travel companies, such as Vietravel, Hanoi Tourism, Saigon Tourist, Flamingo Redtours, Vietnam Tourism, Vietluxtour, Postum Travel, and Hanotours, to provide customers with discounts and gifts.

“We have been vigorously participating in and organizing many cultural and tourism activities focused on Vietnamese tourists and travel agencies. During the four days of VITM 2023, we hope that visitors in Hanoi can gain valuable insight into Korean tourism,” stated Lee Jae Hoon, Chief Representative of KTO Vietnam.

The theme of VITM Hanoi 2023 is “Cultural Tourism”, aiming to guide tourism businesses to invest in constructing novel tourism products based on the traditional cultural values of Vietnam. By doing so, the event will help enrich the cultural heritage of the country while encouraging more visitors to explore the hidden gems of the nation.

After 11 editions, VITM Hanoi has become one of the most significant tourism promotion activities, the largest tourism industry fair in the region, offering numerous opportunities for tourism enterprises and local and international partners to meet and collaborate. This event provides an ideal platform for businesses to introduce their products and services, build relationships, and seek cooperation with potential partners. Participants can also learn from industry experts and gain valuable insights into the latest trends in the industry. With such a wide range of offerings, VITM Hanoi is the perfect event for anyone looking to develop their business connections and explore new opportunities in the tourism industry.