Some new tourism products will be introduced by the “Joint-sale Alliance” at Hanoi Tourism Stimulus Fair on April 16.

The Paradise Cave in Quang Binh province. Photo: Van Phuc

The “Joint-sale Alliance” features a group of 45 travel agencies from all over the country who team up for creating combined tourism products and jointly selling it. The tours will include some travel destinations in the three regions throughout Vietnam from North to South.

Launched on March 23 in the central province of Quang Binh, this is the first and only “Joint-sale Alliance” in tourism sector in Vietnam, aiming at sharing information, supporting marketing and doing the cross-sell tourism products among local tour operators.

“The “Joint-sale Alliance” is established to help connect tourism businesses across the country. We will support each other to deploy the market as well as create more interesting tourism products for visitors to Vietnam in the future,” said Ms. Bui Thuy Hang – Director of SKTravel and founder of the tourism “Joint-sale Alliance”.

The Dark Cave in Quang Binh province. Photo: Kinh te & Do thi

The “Joint-sale Alliance” gathers travel businesses from cities and provinces nationwide, including Hanoi, Quang Ninh, Ha Tinh, Phu Quoc, Ho Chi Minh and Binh Duong.

It is expected that at the upcoming Hanoi Tourism Stimulus Fair, which will take place on April 16, members of the “Joint-sale Alliance” would launch their first joint product.

Previously, the alliance had already conducted a survey at famous tourist destinations in Quang Binh such as Phong Nha Cave, Chay River, Dark Cave, Paradise Cave in order to build up common tourism products in this province.