Hanoi tourism industry strives to welcome 13-19 million visitors in 2021 as the city bet on the early recovery scenario for the pandemic situation.  

 Hanoi tourism industry strives to welcome 13-19 million visitors in 2021. Photo: Ngoc Tu

With the target, the number of visitors to the capital will increase from 45% to 65.5% compared to 2019. Among them, the city is expected to welcome about 10.9-15.3 million domestic visitors, up to 50-70% against 2019. The occupancy rate of accommodation establishments in 2021 will reach 45-50%.

The Covid-19 period has opened up new tourist trends, of which travel agents have created new products in line with the capital’s potential and strengths, with a focus on cultural, heritage, culinary, festive and craft village tourism. They have also organized agricultural and ecological tours, health and sports tourism, among others.

In 2021, the Hanoi Department of Tourism will continue working with CNN to promote the city’s tourism on the network’s channel in accordance with the actual situation. The tourism sector will enhance cooperation with airlines, domestic and international media, embassies, international organizations and tourism service providers to welcome international survey teams with the aim of attracting more tourists to Hanoi.

In addition, the tourism industry will strengthen measures to create a safe, civilized and friendly tourism environment. Thereby, the city will become an attractive destination.

2020 is a difficult year for the tourism industry of the capital when the number of visitors to Hanoi is estimated at 8.6 million, equal to 30% compared to 2019, of which international visitors are estimated at 1.1 million, equal to 15.8% compared to 2019. 

Most of international arrivals are diplomats, business executives and highly skilled laborers, who traveled in together with their families, under the government’s authorization after the border closure taken effect since March.