Duy competed in the U12 age category of the tournament, where he was the third seed among highly skilled players. With an Elo rating of 2,277, he was trailing behind Ahmad Khagan from Azerbaijan, who had a rating of 2,304, and Mendes Aaron Reeve from Canada, who had a rating of 2,290.

However, Duy made a remarkable entrance to the tournament by winning his first seven games. His impressive performance included a direct victory over Mendes Aaron Reeve in the fifth game.

His outstanding performance put significant pressure on the top seed, Ahmad Khagan. As a result, their direct encounter in Game 8 ended in a draw.

After 10 intense games, Duy emerged as the leader of the rankings, with an impressive nine points. His compatriot, Nguyen Nam Kiet, secured the second position with eight points.

Kiet surprised everyone by defeating both top seeds, Ahmad Khagan and Mendes Aaron Reeve, who finished with 7.5 and seven points, respectively.

As a result, the final showdown of the championship was between Duy and Kiet. In this game, Duy played defensively with the black pieces and aimed for a draw against Kiet. After 28 moves, neither player had a clear advantage, resulting in a draw.

This draw confirmed Duy’s victory, making him the champion of the U12 open group at the FIDE World Cadet Chess Championships 2023 held in Egypt from October 14 to 27.

The last time a Vietnamese player won the U12 age group title was in 2014, when Nguyen Anh Khoi achieved this honor.