The Vietnamese aerobics team achieved great success at the tournament, earning a total of three gold medals. Tran Ha Vi won the women’s singles event, while Le Hoang Phong and Tran Ngoc Thuy Vi secured gold in the doubles event. Additionally, Le Hoang Phong, Tran Ngoc Thuy Vi, Nguyen Che Thanh, Vuong Hoai An, and Nguyen Viet Anh won gold in the group category. This outstanding performance placed Vietnam at the top of the medal standings for the adult age group. The tournament featured participants from fourteen Asian countries and territories. Mongolia, Cambodia, and Taiwan also performed well, each winning a gold medal.

In the 15-17-year-old categories, the Vietnamese youth aerobics team achieved three silver medals and two bronze medals. Nguyen Tat Viet won silver in boys’ singles, Phan Thi Uyen Nhi won silver in girls’ singles, and Phan Thi Uyen Nhi, Nguyen Hoang Gia Han, and Nguyen Duong Quynh won silver in the trio event. Bronze medals were awarded to Nguyen Tat Viet and Nguyen Phuong Anh in doubles, and Nguyen Thi Phuong, Nguyen Thi Phuong, and Nguyen Ngoc Bao Han in the group category.

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