The Vietnamese national men’s football team currently has a cumulative score of 1,229.69, as reported by FIFA on Thursday. This includes 8.54 points earned from their recent victories over Hong Kong and Syria during FIFA Days in June.

Although the increased score has not been enough to improve Vietnam’s ranking of 95th place, it has narrowed the gap between them and Syria, who hold the 94th position with 1,246.75 points. This improvement has moved Vietnam up to the 15th place in Asia.

In Southeast Asia, Vietnam maintains its top spot, while Thailand remains in second place and has climbed one spot to reach the 113th position in the world rankings. The Philippines and Malaysia have also made improvements, ranking 135th and 137th respectively.

At the top of the FIFA rankings, Argentina, France, and Brazil continue to hold the top three positions. The next update to the rankings is expected on July 20.

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