Vietnam demonstrated a dominant performance from the very beginning of the game, scoring a goal in the third minute.

Taking advantage of a well-executed long pass from his teammate, Nguyen Quoc Viet capitalized on an error by a Mongolian defender. He managed to break free and successfully took a shot that ultimately beat goalkeeper Batmagnai Sereekhuu.

The momentum then proceeded to strongly favor Vietnam.

In the 31st minute, Quoc Viet showcased his extraordinary skill by unleashing a remarkable long-range shot from over 22 meters away. The ball soared with incredible power and precision, finding its way directly into the goal. The helpless goalkeeper, Batmagnai Sereekhuu, had no chance to stop it, resulting in Vietnam’s lead extending to 2-0.

After only four minutes, Mongolia seized their first notable opportunity as midfielder Nergui Sainbuyan unleashed an impressive long-range strike from outside the penalty area.

Vietnamese goalkeeper Quan Van Chuan made a remarkable save by brilliantly deflecting the ball, thus successfully preventing a goal.

At the 41st minute mark, Khuat Van Khang exhibited exceptional ball control. He skillfully maneuvered past the defenders and took a shot that eluded goalkeeper Batmagnai Sereekhuu, extending the lead to 3-0.

Vietnam’s Nguyen Quoc Viet (white jersey) takes a shot at Mongolia’s net in their opening match at the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou Province, China, September 19, 2023. Photo: D.K. / Tuoi Tre

Vietnam’s Nguyen Quoc Viet (white jersey) takes a shot at Mongolia’s net in their opening match at the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, China, September 19, 2023. Photo: D.K. / Tuoi Tre

In the second half, the Mongolian team launched offensive maneuvers in an effort to equalize the score and accomplished their goal swiftly.

After just one minute following the restart, Nguyen Thai Son carelessly relinquished possession of the ball, allowing Uuganbat Temuulen to skillfully navigate past Vietnamese defenders and deliver a powerful shot that surpassed Quan Van Chuan, resulting in a score of 1-3.

Vietnam maintained their dominance in the game and created several opportunities to score.

In the 64th minute, the Vietnamese team showcased their skill with a superb long pass, setting up a scoring opportunity for Vo Minh Trong. With precision, Trong delivered a pass to Vo Nguyen Hoang, who confidently found the back of the net, increasing the lead to 4-1 against Mongolia.

Vietnam persisted in their offensive attempts during the closing moments, albeit without success in adding more goals.

Additionally, Purevsuren Uuganbayar of Mongolia successfully scored a second goal, resulting in a final score of 2-4. The match concluded following this goal with the referee’s signal.

Vietnam secured their first three points in Group B of men’s football at the 19th Asian Games with a 4-2 victory.

The Southeast Asians will face Iran and Saudi Arabia in their upcoming matches.

The match against Iran is scheduled for Thursday, while the match against Saudi Arabia will take place on Sunday.

The 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou boasts an extensive lineup of 40 sports and 481 exciting events.

Vietnam sent a team of 504 delegates, comprising 320 athletes, to the tournament.