The United States, aiming for their third consecutive title in Australia and New Zealand, face off against tournament debutants Vietnam, who are currently ranked 32nd in the world. While their second Group E match against the Netherlands promises to be more challenging, defender Crystal Dunn emphasized the importance of focusing on the upcoming game. Dunn stated, “We haven’t played against Vietnam before, so we need to concentrate on this match first. We may have some footage of them, but playing against them is a different experience. We expect them to bring their best game, and we are prepared for that.” Echoing Dunn’s sentiment, U.S. forward Lynn Williams acknowledged that Vietnam’s playing style is unpredictable, thus necessitating adaptability from the American team. “Vietnam is a little bit of a wildcard,” Williams explained. “We scout our opponents, but often what we expect is not what we encounter. It’s about having trust in each other and our ability to adapt.”