Vilda, the former head coach of Spain’s national women’s soccer team, has been replaced by his assistant, Montse Tome. This decision comes after the suspension of RFEF President Luis Rubiales due to allegations of non-consensual behavior during the World Cup victory celebration. The new board formed after Rubiales’ suspension terminated Vilda’s contract without providing a reason for his dismissal. The RFEF thanked Vilda for his contributions to the growth of women’s football, highlighting Spain’s World Cup victory and high FIFA rankings. The controversy surrounding Rubiales has sparked a national debate on women’s rights and sexist behavior. Interim President Pedro Rocha issued an apology on behalf of the RFEF for Rubiales’ inappropriate conduct. Vilda had faced criticism from players last year who called for his resignation and better conditions for the women’s team. Despite these issues, Rubiales had initially praised Vilda and offered him a lucrative new contract. Currently, the top female players in Spain have expressed their unwillingness to play for the national team under the current leadership. The RFEF is now consulting with players to determine if Vilda’s removal will change their stance.