The game formerly known as FIFA, now renamed FC 24, entered early access last week with the introduction of female soccer stars playing alongside their male counterparts in an “Ultimate Team” mode of online play. A mobile version of the game, compatible with Apple and Android operating systems, was released on Tuesday. These additions reflect the current reality of the sport and are aimed at capturing the authenticity of the game, according to EA Sports FC Vice President of Brand, David Jackson.

The inclusion of female soccer stars has faced criticism from some fans of the franchise, with objections being raised about mixed matches. However, there have also been supporters who appreciate the skills of players like Alexia Putellas. The release of FC 24 marks the end of the game’s long-standing affiliation with FIFA. With this rebranding, EA aims to create a “global football platform” incorporating features such as broadcast games and live match play.

Despite the change in name, FC 24 is designed to be familiar to fans while incorporating new features. EA uses motion-capture technology and in-stadium cameras to enhance the realism of the gameplay. While the FIFA license is no longer included and the game won’t feature the World Cup, the overall experience is expected to be largely unchanged and potentially even improved, according to video game analyst Mat Piscatella.

FC 24 has been a significant part of the gaming landscape in the United States and globally for many years, and it is anticipated to be one of the top-selling video games of this year in the United States. As the franchise continues to evolve, EA may explore opportunities for incorporating advertising or real-time matches into the game engine, allowing viewers to play out matches in their own way.