The ban on long-distance trail runs in Da Lat City and neighboring areas has been lifted by the provincial department, marking a new chapter for trail running enthusiasts. This decision comes after a comprehensive safety assessment conducted by expert members of international marathon organization boards. The tragic incident in which a runner lost their life during the Dalat Ultra Trail 2020 prompted this evaluation process.

To ensure the safety of participants, the 100-kilometer mountain race will only be held during the dry season. Lam An Company, based in Lac Duong District, Lam Dong Province, has been granted a license to organize the LAAN Ultra Trail 2023, featuring races of varying distances ranging from 10 to 100 kilometers. Running Connect from Thailand will be the technology partner responsible for race surveillance and monitoring runners’ health.

The LAAN Ultra Trail 2023 promises a challenging and captivating experience as it takes runners through the picturesque pine forests of the Lam Vien Plateau. The race will span from Lac Duong District to Dam Rong District and Da Lat City. With the ever-increasing popularity of trail running, particularly among professional athletes, Lam An Company aims to provide an enticing opportunity for both international and domestic runners.

To enhance safety measures, the company plans to create a trail that follows streams rather than crossing them. This thoughtful approach minimizes potential risks and ensures the well-being of participants.

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