In a thrilling match, the defending champions, Saigon Heat, secured a spot in the semifinals with an 80-78 victory over the Ho Chi Minh City Wings. The Heat now have an impressive 11-2 record for the season, while the Thang Long Warriors also advance to the semifinals with nine victories, showing significant improvement compared to last year’s performance.

VBA announces the Saigon Heat as one of the semifinalists. Photo: VBA

The race for the final semifinal spot is between the fourth-ranked Nha Trang Dolphins and the fifth-ranked Ho Chi Minh City Wings. The Dolphins currently hold an 8-6 record with four matches remaining, while the Wings have a 6-8 record and three matches left to play.

Thang Long Warriors’ coach Chris Daleo. Photo: VBA

Despite having a worse record, the Ho Chi Minh City Wings hold a higher head-to-head score against the Nha Trang Dolphins. The upcoming matchup between these two teams will determine the final semifinalist.

With both teams competing for the last spot, this crucial game promises intense competition and thrilling basketball action.

Kentrell Barkley (white jersey) helps the Saigon Heat win against the Ho Chi Minh City Wings. Photo: VBA

“The Ho Chi Minh City Wings have shown great form in the second half of the season,” commented Hong Gia Lan, an experienced defender for the Nha Trang Dolphins. “The upcoming match poses a significant challenge for our team. However, we are actively preparing and making strategic changes to ensure we are ready for this demanding encounter.”