According to Tien Phong (Vanguard) newspaper, the cost of a standard meal provided to the team of eight athletes is VND800,000 (US$33). However, the meal consists exclusively of fried tofu, braised basa fish, fried spring rolls, boiled vegetables, and tomato soup.

According to the athletes who spoke to Tien Phong, they often had to purchase additional food themselves to supplement the insufficient portions provided, in order to maintain their energy levels for training.

Upon the receipt of their allowances, a portion of it had to be allocated to their coaches.

Following the report, the SAV has initiated investigations to validate and obtain further clarification on the information provided in the news coverage.

As part of this process, they conducted organized meetings with relevant agencies.

After a meeting held on Tuesday, the officials of the Sports Administration of Viet Nam (SAV) have made an important announcement regarding the relocation of the national youth table tennis team. Currently, the team is undergoing training at the My Dinh National Sports Complex. However, in a decision made by the SAV officials, the team will now be moved to the National Sports Training Center (known as Nhon Center), which is the official governing body responsible for their administration.

Our main goal is to enhance the nutritional and accommodation conditions for our athletes.

The officials commit to organizing their training in Nhon in accordance with professional standards.

A typical meal served to national athletes undergoing training at Vietnam's National Sports Training Center. Photo: C.T.

A typical meal served to national athletes undergoing training at Vietnam’s National Sports Training Center. Photo: C.T.

According to the guidelines set forth by the Ministry of Finance, national and youth team athletes are entitled to receive a nutritional allowance of VND320,000 ($13) per individual, per day.

National sports team athletes who are selected for major events such as the Southeast Asian Games, Asian Games, and Olympics are eligible to receive a daily nutritional allowance of VND480,000 ($20) for a maximum period of 90 days.

Furthermore, national team athletes who have the potential to secure gold medals at prestigious events such as the Asian Games and Youth Olympics, or qualify for the Olympics, receive a daily nutritional allowance of VND640,000 ($26) per individual.

The funding necessary to implement these nutrition regimens for athletes is derived from the annual state budget allocation specifically designated for sports.

Many athletes argue that this level of expenditure, although adequate for the general population, is insufficient to meet the high nutritional demands imposed by athletes’ intensive training and physical exertion.

The athletes have consistently expressed their concerns regarding the insufficient quality and quantity of food provided.

Furthermore, athletes frequently do not have consistent access to specialized dietary supplements throughout their training and competition periods.

In addition to the lack of adequate recovery equipment, rigorous training sessions can leave athletes vulnerable to injuries, ultimately impeding their overall performance.

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