Youth exchange: Building bridges of friendship between Vietnamese and Chinese youth

Recently, the Vietnam - China Border Youth Friendship Exchange 2023 took place in Yunnan province, China. The event was centered around the theme "Drinking from the same stream, looking towards a bright future".

Vietnam – China Border Youth Friendship Exchange in 2023. (Photo: Hang Nguyen)

The program aims to review and continue the long-standing traditions of friendship, connection, and exchange, and aims to expand cooperative relationships in social affairs as well as learn from effective economic development models. The program also facilitates the sharing of experiences in implementing Youth Union work and youth movements, as well as cultural and artistic exchanges. By doing so, it aims to express the faith, will, and aspirations of the youth from both countries to work together and cultivate a close relationship “from mountain to mountain, river to river”.

During the event, youth delegations from four Vietnamese provinces bordering Yunnan province (including Dien Bien, Lai Chau, Lao Cai, and Ha Giang) and Chinese youth delegates participated in a variety of exciting activities in Kunming city, Honghe Hani and Yi, and Dali Bai of Yunnan province.

At the “Chinese-Vietnamese Youth Development” Forum, delegates from both countries shared their experiences through eight presentations on topics of mutual concern. These topics included strengthening international youth exchanges and cooperation, the role of youth in enhancing the creative startup ecosystem, and the promotion of mutual understanding to foster development in the Vietnam-China border area.

During the discussion, Vietnamese youth delegates raised several important topics such as “From the ideal of mutuality and shared culture to youth cooperation at the Vietnam-China border, contributing to fostering friendship and looking towards a future ‘hybrid'” by the Dien Bien Provincial Youth Union, and “Promoting the proactive role of youth in environmental protection and responding to climate change” by the Lao Cai Youth Union…

As part of the program, delegates also participated in activities such as tree planting in the China-Vietnam youth friendship forest, cycling to protect the ecological environment at Erhai Lake, Dali Bai, and visiting start-up companies and intangible cultural relics of Yunnan. Additionally, youth delegates had the opportunity to visit the relic site of President Ho Chi Minh in Kunming city. This site holds historical significance as it is one of the places where President Ho Chi Minh participated in revolutionary activities to find ways to save the country during the years 1940-1941 in Yunnan.

Dang Thanh Huy, Secretary of Dien Bien Youth Union, emphasized that the friendly exchange relationship between Vietnamese and Chinese youth has deepened and yielded practical results. The success of this program marks a significant milestone in enhancing mutual understanding between the youth of both countries, while affirming the determination, responsibility, and proactive role of youth in preserving, inheriting, and creating new chapters of history in the bilateral relations. This contributes to the benefit of each country, peace, stability, and prosperity in the region and the world.