Xu Doai Tourism Festival to be Held for the First Time

An gastronomic event has been held to connect Hanoi with other destinations and provide a wider range of tourism services to the city.


The Xu Doai Tourism Festival, with the theme “Xu Doai Culinary,” is set to take place in June or August at the Ao Vua (King’s Pond) Tourism Area in Tan Linh Commune of Ba Vi District, Hanoi. Here, visitors can look forward to a captivating exploration of local cuisine, showcasing the best of the region’s gastronomy.

 Ao Vua Waterfall, Ao Vua Tourism Area in Tan Linh Commune of Ba Vi District, Hanoi. Photo: Ao Vua Tourism Area

The Xu Doai or Xoai region, located west of Hanoi, is renowned for being the cradle of early Vietnamese culture. Spanning seven districts and cities, including Ba Vi, Son Tay, Phuc Tho, Dan Phuong, Hoai Duc, Thach That, and Quoc Oai, the area is a popular tourist destination for those wishing to explore the country’s rich history and culture.

The Xu Doai Tourism Festival is a venue to showcase regional specialties and other tourism-related products from the One Commune One Product (OCOP) program. According to Deputy Director of the Hanoi Tourism Department Nguyen Hong Minh, gastronomy is the strength of Hanoi tourism, particularly the unique cuisine of Xu Doai. He went on to say, “The festival provides a great opportunity to introduce the specialties of Xu Doai to domestic and foreign tourists alike.”

The festival provides a platform to promote the OCOP products of Xu Doai as well as other tourism-related products in the region. It also serves as a great opportunity to introduce the unique cuisine of Xu Doai to both domestic and foreign tourists. Through the festival, visitors can explore the region’s cultural heritage and sample the local specialties.

Organizers of the Xu Doai Tourism Festival hope that it will help to boost the region’s tourism sector and further promote the OCOP products of Xu Doai. With the increasing number of visitors to the festival, they are confident that it will be a success.

“This inaugural Tourism Festival devoted to the cuisine of Xu Doai is a valuable opportunity to promote both the culinary delicacies of Hanoi and the rich cultural heritage of Xu Doai to both domestic and international visitors alike,” he added.

A renowned dish from Phung Town of Dan Phuong District in Hanoi. Photo: Vietsense Travel

Nem Phung, a local delicacy from Phung Town, is a must-try for all visitors to Xu Doai. This delectable dish consists of pork skin salad, grilled rice powder, lime slices, Phu Nhi rice cakes, and Linh Chieu morning glory – all of which make for a truly unique culinary experience.

The event will feature booths selling handicrafts, stalls showcasing local products, and a culinary demonstration area that will highlight the talents of local chefs. Additionally, there will be some kiosks from regional tourist destinations and travel agents.

Visitors to the scintillating festival will have the opportunity to partake in traditional folk games, captivating entertainment events, and other enchanting travel experiences, in addition to sampling the renowned dishes of Xu Doai.