Weather Update: Cold Spell Persists in Northern Vietnam (March 1)

In the North, Vietnam's weather forecast for the upcoming days suggests that there will be cold days and rainy nights starting from March 1 until the weekend. Meanwhile, the Southern region can expect to experience consistently high temperatures.


The North and North Central regions are experiencing extremely cold weather, with some places reaching harmful low temperatures. The Northeast region has drizzles and scattered fog during the early morning and night.

The Northwest region has scattered rain within the area and fog in the early morning. Lai Chau and Dien Bien have sunny afternoons, but the temperature drops in the evening and night.

The highest temperature in the aforementioned areas has slightly increased by about 1-2 degrees, with the highest level fluctuating between 15-20 degrees. Night temperatures also increase by about 12 – 15 degrees.

The area from Quang Binh to Khanh Hoa has showers in some places. In the North, it is cold early in the morning and at night.

The Central Highlands region will have sunny weather throughout the day with a highest temperature above 32 degrees. The South, including Ho Chi Minh City, experiences strong heat with temperatures around 35-36 degrees, as well as Can Tho and other regional areas.

The Weather Forecast in Different Regions

Northwest region: The weather forecast predicts cloudy and rainy conditions in some places, with light fog in the early morning. The temperatures will drop low in the evening and night. Lowest temperature: 13-16 degrees, some places below 13 degrees. Highest temperature: 17-20 degrees, with some places above 28 degrees.

Northeast region: Cloudy weather with occasional drizzles and fog during the early morning and night. Northeast wind level 2-3. Lowest temperature: 12-15 degrees. Highest temperature: 15-18 degrees. In some mountainous areas, temperatures are below 15 degrees.

Thanh Hoa – Thua Thien Hue: Cloudy weather with drizzles and fog in the morning and afternoon. Lowest temperature: North 15-18 degrees; South 19-21 degrees. Highest temperature: North 19-22 degrees; South 23-26 degrees.

Da Nang – Binh Thuan: Cloudy and rainy weather in the morning, becoming sunny in the afternoon. Lowest temperature: 22-25 degrees. Highest temperature: North 26-29 degrees; South 29-31 degrees.

The Central Highlands: Cloudy and sunny weather during the day, with no rain at night. Lowest temperature: 18-21 degrees. Highest temperature: 29-32 degrees, some places above 32 degrees.

The Weather Forecast in Big Cities

Hanoi: Cloudy weather with drizzles and fog in the morning and at night. Lowest temperature: 13-15 degrees. Highest temperature: 15-17 degrees.

The cold air keeps intensifying in Hanoi. Photo: Vietnamnet

Ho Chi Minh City: The weather in the Ho Chi Minh City area is characterized by high and intense heat during the day. The temperatures drop slightly at night, ranging between 34 – 36 degrees. The relative humidity is between 38 – 53%, with a cloud density of 57 – 60%.

Da Nang: The weather in the Da Nang area is cloudy, with rain at night and sunny during the day. The temperature fluctuates between 27 – 28 degrees. The relative humidity is between 73 – 75%, with a cloud density of 53 – 82%.

Charlotte Pho