VUFO Hosts Information Session with More Than 300 International NGOs in Vietnam

On Sep. 15, 2020 VUFO organized the 2023 Information Sharing Conference with INGOs in Hanoi. The event was attended by representatives from various organizations.


This is an annual activity of VUFO, the standing agency of the Committee for Foreign NGOs Affairs (Committee), aimed at enhancing connections, sharing information, and providing guidance for NGOs.

VUFO Shares Information with over 300 Foreign NGOs in Vietnam
2023 Information Sharing Conference with INGOs (Photo: Thu Ha)

The conference was attended by over 200 in-person delegates and 122 online delegates from Vietnam and other countries. These delegates represented agencies in the Committee mechanism and NGOs operating in Vietnam. Phan Anh Son, President of VUFO, and Nguyen Ngoc Hung, Vice President of VUFO, co-chaired the conference.

According to reports at the conference, in the first 8 months of 2023, 396 foreign NGOs registered to operate in Vietnam and initiated regular aid projects for Vietnamese partners. The highest aid value was directed towards social problem-solving, socio-economic development, and healthcare. The relationship between foreign NGOs and Vietnamese agencies and partners continues to strengthen, leading to enhanced program and project effectiveness.

VUFO Shares Information with over 300 Foreign NGOs in Vietnam
Representative of a foreign non-governmental organization speaking at the conference. (Photo: Thu Ha)

During the conference, delegates shared information about foreign NGOs’ operations in Vietnam and discussed the challenges they face in adhering to regulations while implementing their activities. The conference provided a platform for agencies in the Committee mechanism to listen and respond promptly to the difficulties faced by NGOs, ultimately improving the effectiveness of NGO aid management and the Committee’s guidance and support for NGO activities in Vietnam.

The delegates also discussed the preparations for organizing the 5th International Conference on Cooperation between Vietnam and NGOs.

VUFO chia sẻ thông tin với hơn 300 tổ chức phi chính phủ nước ngoài tại Việt Nam
Phan Anh Son, President of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations, speaking at the conference. (Photo: Thu Ha)

In concluding the conference, Phan Anh Son expressed empathy towards foreign NGOs and their challenges, particularly those related to administrative procedures.

He emphasized that to overcome these difficulties, foreign NGOs need to comply with Vietnam’s regulations, closely coordinate with and promptly inform VUFO, the standing agency of the Committee. VUFO will proactively collaborate with relevant Vietnamese authorities to provide support.

Considering the unpredictable and complex global and regional developments, such as the Russia-Ukraine situation, the Covid-19 pandemic, policy adjustments, strategic competition between major countries, and other non-traditional issues, which pose challenges to countries and NGOs, innovative approaches to funding mobilization are necessary.

Phan Anh Son affirmed that the Committee and its agencies will continue to innovate and effectively support NGOs in Vietnam.

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