Vinh Long: Where Vietnam’s Longest Flower-Ceramic Road Blooms

The Vietnam Records Organization (Vietkings) has recently recognized a ceramic product-covered road adorned with beautiful flowers in Vinh Long, a province in the Mekong Delta region, as the longest of its kind in Vietnam.


Local authorities held a ceremony on February 2 to receive the certificate from Vietkings and to inaugurate the road.

The flower-red ceramic road stretches from the Welcome Gate to the Administrative Building of the Provincial People’s Committee. Photo: VOV

The 700m long and 200m wide road showcases more than 2,000 ceramic products created by dozens of businesses throughout the province.

The 700m long and 200m wide road showcases more than 2,000 ceramic products created by ceramic kilns in Vinh Long. Photo: VOV

Nguyen Thi Quyen Thanh, vice chairman of the Vinh Long Provincial People’s Committee, said the ceremony is also to honor the centenary of Vinh Long ceramic village which is home to nearly 1,500 kilns.

Vinh Long: Discover The Longest Flower-Ceramic Road In Vietnam

Vinh Long’s products are famous throughout the region for their distinctive characteristics which are as solid as stone and boast a nice color of red. The red ceramic products have been exported to the European, American, Australian, and Asian markets, noted Nguyen Thi Quyen Thanh.

The road will be open to the public until February 19, or the 10th day of the first lunar month.

The project has been designed to celebrate 94 years of the Communist Party of Vietnam and the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday (Tet). Photo: VOV

Vinh Long is located in the Mekong Delta region, about 140km from the center of Ho Chi Minh City, and 40km from the Tra Noc International airport of Can Tho City. The city itself has long been famous for its fruit orchards and surrounding islets where fruits are produced and exported.

With a convenient location, this city is a good place for you to admire the islet homestays with isolated villages and off-the-beaten tracks and much unique beauty of the local culture. Lush and heavily cultivated with both rice and fruit gardens, the province is crisscrossed with canals and tributaries all flowing into the teeming rivers that form its borders. It’s not surprising that the name Vinh Long translates to “eternal prosperity.”

Each part of the flower-ceramic road has been arranged in a way that carries its meaningful message, expressing the wisdom and cultural identity of Vietnamese people. Photo: VOV

In the Mekong Delta, life is lived on the water. Rivers and canals wind through the region, and locals grow up paddling boats and traveling by ferry. Get a taste of this unique culture by taking a sampan to explore small canals and mangrove forests. Women typically row sampans standing up while skillfully navigating the currents and twists of each waterway. You can also explore the area very well by bicycle riding on narrow roads along small side canals. Many of the small shady canals, which branch off from the larger river arms, are hard to spot because they are overgrown by lush greenery.

Cai Be River is the meeting point of the river tributaries of Tien Giang, Vinh Long, and Ben Tre. This town has many cruises for tourists who are passionate about exploring nature and the majestic Mekong River. Mekong excursions can last for the day, overnight, or even cross-country between Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. With the advantage of the mighty Mekong River, more and more tourists choose Cai Be as the place to start the trip of a lifetime – the Mekong Delta expedition.

What makes a trip to Vinh Long worthwhile is not the town but the beautiful islands dotting the river. The islands are dedicated to agriculture, especially the growing of tropical fruits, which are shipped to markets in HCMC. This low-lying region is as much water as land and houses are generally built on stilts. Some of the more popular islands to visit include Binh Hoa Phuoc and An Binh, but there are many others. You can take the public ferry to one of the islands and then walk or cycle around on your own.

Vinh Long welcomes you in any season all year round, each of which will certainly offer you specifically different types of pleasure and satisfaction. However, the best time to visit Vinh Long is from September to March. The weather is cool and pretty comfortable, so you can join any activity that you like.

Charlotte Pho