Vingroup and K-Sure Strike Deal to Enhance Business Collaboration

At the Vietnam-Korea Economic Forum 2023, the Vietnamese giant Vingroup and Korea Trade Insurance Corporation (K-Sure) have come to a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) agreement.


As per the Memorandum of Understanding, Vingroup and K-Sure will collaborate on Vingroup’s projects with Korean partners, trade insurance programs aimed at expanding into new markets, and exploring potential joint venture opportunities.

K-Sure will provide guarantee programs and support to Korean suppliers, construction, and engineering firms. This support aims to facilitate the smooth provision of products and services to Vingroup and its subsidiaries, including electric vehicle components, energy storage systems (such as batteries and other parts), construction equipment, construction management services, and the supply of components and parts.

In addition, K-Sure’s guarantee enables Korean investors to invest or form joint ventures with Vingroup or its subsidiaries, thereby creating potential long-term business opportunities.

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