Vietnam’s Pledge: Creating a Peaceful, Stable, and Sustainable Indo-Pacific Region

Do Hung Viet, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, recently represented Vietnam at the 9th Raisina Dialogue in New Delhi, India. The event took place from February 22 to February 23, and brought together distinguished diplomats, policymakers, and experts from around the world. Viet's participation showcased Vietnam's commitment to multilateralism and its active engagement in global affairs. As a key representative, he shared insights and perspectives on various pressing issues, fostering dialogue and strengthening relations between Vietnam and other nations. The 9th Raisina Dialogue presented a valuable platform for networking, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas, further enhancing Vietnam's international cooperation and influence.


The summit gathered 2,500 participants, including numerous world leaders, high-ranking officials, researchers, and scholars from over 100 countries within and beyond the region.

The event was centered around the theme “Chaturanga: Conflict, Contest, Cooperate, Create”, focusing primarily on topics such as warfare and peace, technological advancement, democracy, and multilateral reform.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Do Hung Viet attended the 9th Raisina Dialogue in New Delhi, India.

Deputy Minister Do Hung Viet participated in and delivered a speech at the “Desecuritising Development: Resilience in the Indo-Pacific” session. He highlighted ongoing conflicts and “hot spots” in the region and worldwide, as well as non-traditional security challenges, complex situations in the South China Sea, severe climate change, and unsustainable use of natural resources in the Mekong sub-region, all of which pose challenges to sustainable development and the long-term maintenance of peace and stability in the region.

The context conveyed the message that the Indo-Pacific region is not only a battleground for superpowers, but also a place where countries strive for multilateral cooperation towards peace, stability, and common interests, he emphasized.

Vietnam and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) are committed to promoting this message by fostering a resilient and comprehensive community network, allowing each member nation to flourish in peace, stability, and sustainable development, while emphasizing the importance of multilateral cooperation, constructive dialogue, and prosperity for all, the official stated.

The Raisina Dialogue 2024 further delved into initiatives of the Group of 20 (G20), during India’s presidency in 2023, and addressed global security and economic challenges.

Deputy Minister Do Hung Viet had a bilateral meeting with the Secretary of State of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The participants shared their perspectives on the importance of cooperation, dialogue, trust building, and adherence to international law and multilateralism, including the acceleration of United Nations reform.

Within the framework of the dialogue, Deputy Minister Do Hung Viet had bilateral meetings with Polish Secretary of State Władysław Teofil Bartoszewski, Norwegian Deputy Foreign Minister Andreas Motzfeldt Kravik, Secretary-General of the European External Action Service Stefano Sannino, and Director-General of the Office of National Intelligence of Australia Andrew Shearer.

During these meetings, they discussed bilateral relations as well as regional and international topics of mutual significance.

The Raisina Dialogue, organized annually by the Observer Research Foundation in collaboration with the Ministry of External Affairs and the Government of India, received sponsorship from various institutions, organizations, and individuals dedicated to the conference’s objectives.

Phuong Nguyen