Vietnam’s Glass-bottomed Bridge Included in List of Most Stunning Bridges Worldwide

Curious minds from all over the world are captivated by the unique designs of these seven bridges.


World’s longest glass-bottomed bridge


Located in the Northwest region of Vietnam, Bach Long Bridge is the world’s longest glass-bottomed bridge. Situated in Moc Chau district, Son La province, the bridge has a length of 632 meters, with a span over a 290m high cliff and a 342 m high cliff.


Bach Long Bridge features a simulated light and sound system, adding to visitors’ experience. It is the third glass bridge in Vietnam, following Rong May Bridge in Lai Chau and Love Bridge in Moc Chau. Even during its construction, Bach Long Bridge garnered attention from numerous international newspapers.


Looking down through the glass bottom, visitors can see a 150-meter-deep abyss, providing a thrilling sensation to adventurous tourists. From this height, visitors can enjoy the majestic and breathtaking natural scenery. To ensure visitor safety, the bridge’s structure is made of super-toughened glass, consisting of 3 layers with a thickness of up to 40 mm.

The best time to visit this attraction is during January and February for clear weather. Bach Long Bridge welcomes visitors from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. on Fridays, Saturdays, and holidays, and from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. from Sunday to Thursday. The ticket price is VND 550,000 VND/adult (approximately US $22.7), 350,000 VND/child from 1 – 1.4 m tall, and free for children under 1 m tall. On holidays and weekends, ticket prices increase by VND 100,000 VND per ticket.

World’s shortest bridge

Somerset Bridge in Bermuda (Western North Atlantic Ocean) is considered the “smallest bridge in the world” as it measures less than 56cm wide. It is only wide enough to accommodate the mast of a sailboat. Walking across this incredibly narrow bridge takes just a few seconds.

Despite its small size, Somerset Bridge requires regular maintenance. It is not only one of the top attractions for visitors to Bermuda but has also been featured on the country’s banknotes since 2009. In 2015, the bridge was officially recognized as a historical site.


World’s largest brick bridge

Göltzsch Bridge in Germany, constructed between 1846 and 1851, holds the title of the largest brick bridge in the world. The bridge stands 78 meters tall and spans 574 meters in length. During its construction, over 26 million bricks were used. An interesting anecdote about the bridge’s construction states that the ground was not as strong as initially anticipated, leading the builders to widen the central arch and enhance the bridge’s strength.


World’s oldest bridge

The Arkadiko Bridge, spanning a small gully in the southern peninsula of Greece, holds the title of the world’s oldest bridge. Dating back to the Greek Bronze Age, this bridge was constructed using materials such as stone, limestone, and tiles. It spans a length of 22 meters and reaches a height of 4 meters. The bridge’s exquisite design and paved path indicate that it was specifically built to accommodate horse-drawn carriages.


World’s longest suspension bridge

Sky Bridge 721 in the Czech Republic broke records to become the longest suspension bridge in the world in May 2022. It boasts an impressive length of 95 meters and is located in the valley of the Mlanhnský stream at an altitude of 721 meters. Even before being officially recognized as the world’s longest suspension bridge, the grand structure had already captivated people worldwide. Visitors can experience the suspension bridge, walk, or cycle on the 4km trail to reach the entrance.


World’s longest bridge

The Danyang-Kunshan Bridge in China holds the title of the longest bridge in the world in all categories. Linking two major cities in Eastern China, Shanghai and Nanjing, the bridge stretches an impressive length of 164.8 km and reaches a height of approximately 31 meters.


The construction of this bridge took around 4 years and involved approximately 10,000 workers. The Danyang-Kunshan Bridge was officially opened to traffic in 2011.

World’s widest bridge

Tahya Masr in Egypt has been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the widest cable bridge in the world. Inaugurated in 2019, this bridge boasts a width of 67.3 meters, surpassing the previous record holder, Canada’s Port Mann Bridge, which measures 65 meters in width.

Zoey Nguyen