Vietnamese Tennis Player Regains Top 500 World Ranking

Ly Hoang Nam, the Vietnamese tennis prodigy, has once again made his mark by securing a spot in the top 500 of the highly anticipated Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) men's singles rankings. With his exceptional skills and unwavering determination, Nam continues to prove himself as a formidable force in the world of tennis.


Nam emerged as the champion of the M15 Nakhon Si Thammarat Tournament 2024 in Thailand on February 25. He defeated Sander Jong from the Netherlands in the men’s singles final with a score of 2-1. This victory contributed to his achievement of becoming the champion of the tournament. Consequently, Nam earned an additional 15 bonus points, leading to a total of 83 points.

His outstanding performance in this tournament will soon bring him back among the top 500 in the ATP rankings. Currently, the 500th-ranked player has only 78 points.

Ly Hoang Nam will soon be back in the top 500 ATP rankings. Photo: SGGP

Prior to this tournament, Nam had dropped to the 535th position, falling out of the top 500. This decline was a result of his poor performances in five previous tournaments held in October.

However, in November, Nam climbed 14 places to reach the 549th position due to his impressive results in recent matches at the ITF World Tennis Tour M25.

Since winning the M25 Tay Ninh in October 2022, Nam had participated in 32 tournaments, including M15, Challenger, and ATP Masters Shanghai 1000. However, he failed to secure a top position until winning the M15 Nakhon Si Thammarat.

In the final match against Sander Jong on his 27th birthday, Nam faced a tough opponent ranked 50 places below him. Jong’s strengths lie in his serves and powerful forehand attacks, while Nam adopts a resilient and defensive style of play. Despite losing the first set 6-7, Nam put up an impressive performance to win the second and third sets with scores of 7-6 and 6-4, respectively.

Ly Hoang Nam starts the new year with a tennis victory in India

Ly Hoang Nam has planned for a series of tournaments in India at the beginning of 2024. He will participate in three consecutive World Tennis Tour M25 tournaments in India. Following this series, he will return to Vietnam to focus on team training and prepare for the 2024 Davis Cup World Group II play-off matches scheduled for early February.

The ITF M25 Mandya tournament awards ranking points, offering 25 points to the winners. Ly Hoang Nam is competing in both the men’s singles and men’s doubles events.

In the men’s doubles match on January 9, Ly Hoang Nam partnered with South Korea’s Jang Yunseok against the Indian pair Agarwal/Kalyanpur. Although they have recently collaborated, the Vietnamese and South Korean players showcased effective teamwork on the court.

The first set was a captivating contest, with both pairs engaged in a back-and-forth battle. Initially leading 2-0, the Hoang Nam/Jang Yunseok duo had their advantage neutralized by the Indian duo at 2-2, who then took a 5-3 lead. Nevertheless, Hoang Nam and Jang Yunseok displayed remarkable performance in the decisive phase, winning four consecutive games to stage a comeback and clinch the set 7-5.

In the second set, Hoang Nam’s duo faced difficulties as the Indian pair secured a break to lead 2-0. However, they quickly regained the break and balanced the score at 2-2. After a closely contested battle resulting in a 6-6 tie, Hoang Nam’s pair emerged triumphant in the tiebreak, securing a 7-4 victory. This win ultimately led to their overall triumph in the second set with a score of 7-6.

Charlotte Pho