Vietnamese Students Excel at 2023 World Creative Inventors Olympic

Vietnamese teams achieved remarkable success at the World Inventory Creativity Olympic 2023, held in Seoul, South Korea. The nation earned a total of 15 awards, including the championship trophy and 7 gold medals.


The Vietnamese team at the 12th World Inventory Creativity Olympic (WICO 2023) in South Korea impressed with their innovative scientific research projects. These projects are practical, creative, and highly applicable, aligning with the criteria of WICO.

Vietnam Students Won Many Prizes at World Inventory Creativity Olympic 2023
All three teams of eight junior high school Vietnamese students from Giang Vo Junior High School (Hanoi) won gold medals. (Photo: VNS)

Vietnam has achieved remarkable success at WICO 2023, winning 1 Championship trophy for the best team, 7 Gold Medals, and 7 Special Awards presented by the World Intellectual Property and Invention Association (WIIPA). This year, one of the Vietnamese teams won the Championship trophy for the first time.

In the first group, Le Tam Trang, Dang Duc Luong, and Nguyen Minh Tuan were awarded the Grand Prix Award, the highest prize of the competition. Their project titled “Research on a model of heavy metal-contaminated water treatment using filter materials combined with microorganisms in the root system” emerged victorious among 26 other countries.

Vietnam Students Won Many Prizes at World Inventory Creativity Olympic 2023
Vietnamese Gold Medalists at the competition (Photo: World Inventory Creativity Olympic 2023)

WICO is an annual competition organized by the Korea University Invention Association (KUIA) and sponsored by the Republic of Korea’s National Assembly. The 12th WICO, held in South Korea from July 27-29, witnessed the participation of contestants from 27 countries. The competition provided a platform for secondary and high school students worldwide to showcase their innovations, fostering creativity, improving presentation skills, and establishing a global network.

Vietnam has been consistently successful at WICO, winning several gold medals since 2017. In the previous edition, the 11th WICO in 2022, the Vietnamese delegation secured 7 Gold Medals.

The winners in the second group were Nguyen Le Hoang, Tran Gia Khiem, and Vu Hong Phuc, who were recognized for their project on “Study on extracting biologically active substances from avocado leaves to make dietary supplements for patients with gastric ulcer caused by Helicobacter pylori”.

In the third group, students Le Tuan Minh and Nguyen Bao Vi received a special prize from Thailand’s Chulalongkom University for their project on “Research on making preparations to treat household plastic waste”.

Their project involved isolating microbial strains from the intestines of wax worms, which eat plastic, to create a preparation for microplastic treatment.

Fanasy Nguyen Le