Praising of Vietnamese Spring Rolls as One of the Most Delicious Snacks in the World

Taste Atlas, an international food magazine, has compiled a list of the 100 most popular appetizers in the world, which includes the Vietnamese fried spring roll, known as "nem ran" in the north and "cha gio" in the south in Vietnam.


Taste Atlas, known as the “world food map” website, has released a list of the top 100 tastiest snacks of 2023 – and Vietnamese fried spring rolls have made the cut! This website provides a comprehensive overview of the culinary world, allowing users to explore different international dishes. From Thai green curry to Italian lasagna, Taste Atlas has it all! And now, Vietnamese fried spring rolls are featured on the list of the 100 tastiest snacks of 2023.

Photo: A Pinch of Saffron
Photo: A Pinch of Saffron

Cha Gio and Nem Ran are both names for a popular Vietnamese dish. This dish features a pork and shrimp filling that is wrapped in a thin rice paper. Additionally, it is usually served with other ingredients such as vegetables, carrots, cabbage, mushrooms, vermicelli, and bean sprouts. It is a specialty of both the South and the North of Vietnam, and is beloved by locals and tourists alike.

The crispy golden-brown rolls, with their delicious and enticing filling, complemented by a tangy and sweet dipping sauce, are sure to delight travelers when they indulge in them.

Photo: Marlon's Kitchen
Photo: Marlon’s Kitchen

The most popular type of spring roll is the pork and shrimp spring rolls, which are usually served with lettuce, herbs, and nuoc cham (a dipping sauce made from fish sauce, sugar, garlic, and lime juice). They can also be served with sweet and sour sauce. Spring rolls are an essential part of Vietnamese food culture and are a popular appetizer dish. They are a great way to start any meal and are enjoyed by both locals and tourists alike.

CNN has recommended fried spring rolls as one of the top 10 must-try street foods when visiting Vietnam.

In Vietnam, the preparation of fried spring rolls requires multiple steps and demands precision and skill to create attractive, mouthwatering rolls. This delicious, delectable dish can be enjoyed with rice and noodles or savored on its own. With its precise preparation and unique flavor, fried spring rolls are a popular delicacy throughout Vietnam.

Photo: Dien may XANH
Photo: Dien may XANH

The fried spring roll, known as “Nem Sai Gon”, was brought to Hanoi from the south of Vietnam and has quickly become a favorite dish of its citizens. Not only is it a tasty treat, but it also serves as a symbol of affection and remembrance of its real origin.

Additionally, they are often eaten as a snack with fish sauce to dip.

Contrary to popular belief, Vietnamese people do not eat fried spring rolls with rice every day. In fact, they are often served as a special meal on special occasions such as Tet and other family gatherings. Spring rolls, however, are not only served with rice, but they can also be enjoyed with round noodles in the delicious bun nem dish. Additionally, they are sometimes eaten as a snack and accompanied with fish sauce for dipping.

Photo: Bao Lao Dong
Photo: Bao Lao Dong

Ingredients used for the traditional fried spring roll vary depending on the local cuisine. Generally, they comprise lean minced pork, sea crabs, unshelled shrimps, edible mushrooms, dried onions, duck or chicken eggs, pepper, salt, and various seasonings. There are also special variants of the classic pork-based roll, like Crab spring rolls or Nem Cua Be.

Whichever they are, all ingredients are expertly mixed together until homogeneously combined. The mixture is then wrapped in delicate rice paper, forming small rolls which are then fried in boiling oil. Once cooked, the rolls are typically garnished with crisp lettuce and freshly picked herbs for a burst of flavor.

Foreigners may not be aware that the fish sauce used for each dish of a Vietnamese meal is different. The accompaniment of fried spring rolls in particular requires the perfect dipping sauce – a combination of flavors such as lemon juice, sugar, chili, and pepper in the fish sauce. Crafting the perfect dipping sauce bowl for this dish requires a good hand and understanding of the specific requirements.

Photo: Gia Dinh
Photo: Gia Dinh
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