Vietnamese in Romania Devoted to Maintaining Their Native Language

The Vietnamese Embassy in Romania recently highlighted its commitment to promoting the teaching and learning of the Vietnamese language amongst its community.


The Vietnamese Embassy in Romania and the Vietnamese Association in Romania recently held a ceremony to honor the Vietnamese language. The ceremony aimed to follow Uncle Ho’s words and promote the spread of the Vietnamese language, which is an extremely priceless asset of the nation.

Ambassador Do Duc Thanh emphasized and welcomed the achievements of the Vietnamese community in Romania. He praised the teachers and recognized several positive individuals.

Vietnamese Community in Romania Actively Preserves The Mother Tongue
Ambassador Do Duc Thanh awarded certificates of merit to teachers and assistant teachers. Source: TG&VN

According to the ambassador, the community’s tradition of “honoring Vietnamese language” continued to be maintained and developed last year. Vietnamese language classes were held every summer, and the quality of the courses was improved. Many cultural activities contributing to the honoring of the Vietnamese language were also maintained through traditional activities such as Tet (Lunar New Year) celebrations and major national holidays for Vietnamese people abroad.

The community actively participates in activities to honor the Vietnamese language, organized by the State Committee on Overseas Vietnamese Affairs (SCOVA). The group of youth returning to participate in the 2023 Vietnam Summer Camp has become 5 Vietnamese Youth Ambassadors in Romania.

The diplomat emphasized that the Embassy will continue to accompany and support the community in the Vietnamese language teaching and learning movement. This includes ordering a number of book publications and children’s stories as reference materials for students in Vietnamese language classes, in order to maintain regular activities honoring the Vietnamese language.

At the ceremony, Vietnamese class students and teenagers participating in the 2023 Vietnam Summer Camp shared their feelings and love for the Vietnamese language and their homeland.

The ceremony concluded with a special cultural program by the children, including poems, songs, and Vietnamese dance performances.

Vietnamese Community in Romania Actively Preserves The Mother Tongue
Children participating in the 2023 Vietnamese Summer Class received Certificates of Merit and gifts. Source: TG&VN

Since 2011, the Vietnamese Association in Romania and the Vietnamese Women’s Club in Romania have organized Vietnamese language classes for children and teenagers every summer. These classes attract about 40 children and are taught by active volunteers in the community who aim to maintain Vietnamese in Romania for Vietnamese children born and raised there.

In August 2022, the Prime Minister approved a project to establish a Vietnamese language day. September 8 was chosen as the day to honor the Vietnamese language in the overseas Vietnamese community. 2023 is the first year the project has been implemented, with many positive results thanks to the attention and positive response from ministries, departments, agencies, localities, and socio-political organizations, as well as press agencies, Vietnamese associations, and individuals abroad.

Hannah Nguyen